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Travel to Europe

Folkestone – Calais
One of the quickest and easiest way to get to mainland Europe. Bike or car is pretty cheap and very quick compered to other crossings. I really like the flexibility of the Chunnel. If you book a time, you get a +/- 2 hour arrival window that, if possible will offer an alternative crossing. If you arrive early, you cross earlier. If you are held up in traffic, there is no need to rush because a later train will be offered with no additional charge

I have had to rearrange crossings at short notice due to work or weather. Even if you need to alter by a couple of days, turn up with your ticket and changing the crossing is painless and usually free, though I did get charged a whole euro once.

Plymouth – Santander
Definitely my favourite crossing. Laid back, relaxed and everyone on board in a holiday mood. The departure and arrival times are perfect for biking. Sunday afternoon depart and Monday lunchtime arrival. The bar is open as soon as you are on the ferry and the food prices are pretty reasonable. Kick back and have a couple of drinks, some nice food.maybe go dot the on board cinema. Have a lie in the following morning, breakfast and a coffee and then its time to get ready to get off.

Portsmouth – Santander

Plymouth – Roscoff

Poole – Cherbourg

Portsmouth – Caen