Boulogne-sur-Mer – April 2014

This was the first of a few trips my wife and I had planned for 2014. Myleene on her Street Triple 675. Me on my XR.

A simple long weekend over in Lille. However, due ot a cock up with the hotel parking is ended up as a weekend in Boulogne-sur-mer

First stop – Maidstone services en route to the Eurotunnel terminal at Folkestone.

Queueing for the train

All aboard! I keep telling people to get a window seat so they can wave at the fish but no-one believes me

First night stop over in Calais Coquelles at the local Formule1 and into the nearest Buffalo Grill. Ok, so it isn’t French food at its finest but, its a nice simple way to ease into things.

The following day we set out to Lille on the back roads. We came across a place that I have been trying to visit for several years. La Coupole.
It was being built towards the end of WW2 by the Nazi’s and a launch pad for the V2 bombs. The bombs were destined for London.

Parked up outside

It is buried away into the hillside with a launchpad on top

The old diesel generator for the place. 1940’s Nazi Germany’s engineering. Pretty substantial stuff.

They also have a 3D planetarium which is pretty cool

May the force be with you!

Attached to all this is a museum which houses items that were local to the time of the war.

Some of the exhibits are sobering stuff. The cup earlier, this “uniform”.

This is the motor from one of the bombs

And this is what it powered…

They also had a few of these.You wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of it

After La Coupole we continued on to Lille and finally arrived at our hotel.
Unfortunately the hotel didn’t have the parking facilities it promised so we cancelled the booking. No big problem but neither of us are able to carry anything heavy for any distance due to spinal issues.
We were able to stay in another hotel for the night so all was ok.
We had a couple of drinks and something to eat and decided to head to Boulogne-sur-mer on the coast for the weekend the following day, instead of staying in Lille.

Anyway, on with the important stuff…

After a few beers I needed a crepe. You can’t beat a nice crepe in the evening

After the crepe it was time for another one!

The following day we arrived at Boulogne-sur-mer. Obviously it was thirsty work, riding all that way

Found this lady on one of the street corners

It scared me so I needed a drink to recover

The following day we had a wander around. Here are some random shots of the town

Boulogne is a working port. Lovely fresh fish at the daily market

Try before you buy! Ooo, I don’t mind if I do…

Local kids enjoying their Sunday morning

The way out to sea

Then on to the beach. Note those hills on the right, above the town.
Thats where the Nazi’s had their guns trained onto the sea during the war.

Amusing car sticker

Nice old Citroen

Boulogne old town

Another market

Myleene has scored…

More wandering

Then it was time to head home.

Nice and easy run and good to get out in the spring time.