Normandy – September 2013

I had a run around Normandy on my own and then a run over the Aachen with my wife, Myleene.

Here are a few pictures

Got the ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff for the Normandy run. Here is the view from the patio at our family chalet at Bovisands.

You get to watch the ferry come in to Plymouth. This is the one I would be catching later

A traditional stop off for me. Captains Jasper’s on the Barbican at Plymouth.

Then, somewhere in Normandy

Le Mont Saint Michel in the background

An outdated piece of American engineering, and a WW2 tank.

Port en Bessin

Omaha Beach. Yes, that Omaha Beach.

All along the top of the hill was where the Germans were dug in. It is quite eerie looking along the whole beach and the hill top.

The Operation Overlord museum

Bad form outside the hotel

Top form in the restaurant

Lunch on the road. No idea where

Things like this piss you off on a trip. Especially when you’re due to come home the next day.

Luckily I take a few emergency tools. Got a plug in as a temp fix.

It was holding air…but a new tyre was needed. Too many motorway miles to do to get home and I dont trust a plug at continual 80+mph speeds for hundreds of miles.
No big deal, the plug was good enough to get me to a place where I could get a new tyre

Back in Blighty. Breakfast, very early morning at Maidstone services

Got back home to Ross on Wye had a night in my own bed and then loaded the bike up again.