Spain / France – August 2015

Trip with Dave to Barcelona via Pyrenees

For the first time on our “mates on tour” holidays Larry wasn’t coming along. It was just Dave and I. We had planned this for at least 20 minutes plus another 10 minutes over a cup of tea at my mothers a few weeks later, to firm up the final important details like shall we have a drink tonight?

So, for the third time in twelve months, I head to Spain and and return by riding up through France. This time it is slightly different because the intention is to spend some time in Barcelona.

Overview of trip

Queuing up in Plymouth

Being silly on the ferry

As we approached Santander the following day, it became clear the weather was not as expected. This was most definitely not part of the plan when heading to Spain over an August Bank Holiday

Once we arrived it was time to head to Burgos on the N623 and then towards Lliedena and Hostal Latorre

The old barman has been working here for 40 years. The last time Dave, Larry and I were here we stayed in the bar until nearly 04:00am. He wasn’t too impressed.

And into the restaurant for our evening meal

As with the other trips, we headed out along the N240 the next morning. It is a brilliant road with stunning scenery

We headed up to Formigal. We had done well with the weather but in front of us was a wall of black cloud. We stopped for a coffee and tapas to decide what to do. I acquired a new friend…

In the end we decided to turn around rather than risk the Peaks of the Pyrenees. We will do them again another year. We decided to head back down towards Barcelona but staying off the motorways. We headed for Lieda. We arrived at an Ibis Hotel that was clean and tidy. A few beers in the sun outside and then off for something to eat.

An early breakfast and then off to Barcelona. The horrible weather looked like it was going to spoil things for us. Luckily we avoided it

By the time we arrived in Barcelona, the sun had come out again. It was warm and much more like what we were expecting. We had a wander from the hotel that was two blocks from Segrada Familia. Dave had spent some time in Barcelona and we were off to some of the places he knew.

This rather spectacular building is one of the places we had a beer and some tapas. Plenty more of the Gaudi buildings to come…

Casa Batlló across the road. More picture further down

Wandering a bit further down to Las Ramblas

A very pleasant evening stroll. I would like to come to this restaurant one day, just because…

We had decided to do one of the bus tours of the city along with one of the Gaudi tours
Segrada Familia

Seeing as we are getting on a bit, we took a tourist bus trip. A right pair of gits…

Casa Batlló
Casa Batlló Official site
Casa Batlló wiki page

The building next door was owned by a chocolate mogul

Casa Batlló is one of the most interesting buildings I’ve visited

The rear patio

The rooftop terrace

Pretty cool advert for the Casa.

Now a good day out deserves a good evening out. We spent some time wandering around the markets, the plazas near Las Ramblas
Plaza Catalunya

The view on Las Ramblas

Nice plaza to have a beer



What the well dressed tourist is wearing in Barcelona this summer, complete with accessory man bag.